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Scottish Clothing Accessories


Originally used by Clansmen to carry small items, the modern sporran has a similar use as a place for a flask, a wallet or pocket change. An important part of Highland dress, fur sporrans with silver fittings are considered dress sporrans and are used for evening wear, while leather sporrans are preferred for daytime and head on fur sporrans are suitable anytime.

Sgian Dubh

The Sgian Dubh is the small ornamental knife traditionally worn in the top of the stocking by the Highlander. The flat edge is normally worn in the right stocking by right handed people. The name is Gaelic - the word sgian means knife or dagger and dubh means black, referring to the colour of the handle, which was made from black hardwood. Various spellings of the word are recorded in different books, including skean, skian and skein. The word dubh can also be spelt dhu.

Ghillie Brougues

Leather soles and uppers. Made in Scotland.

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